Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Community Project in Edinburgh

In early July, a few women (us) came together wanting to do something for the needy and poor in their community.  They were inspired by a post on Facebook a few months ago regarding people buying 'suspended' coffee. The way the suspended coffee work, the people will say pay for a 'suspended' coffee and then when a homeless or a poor person comes in to ask for a suspended coffee, the shop will give the 'suspended' coffee to the person.

Thus a new community project is born.  It is called Project MoM (Meal on Me).  How does Project MoM works:

1. You say to MoM that you want to buy a meal and send MoM the money via Bank transfer or Paypal.
2. MoM will then pay the cafe/food outlets it is partnering with.
3. MoM will also distribute the vouchers for the meal to the grassroot organisations it is partnering who would then give it/them to their clients who most need the meal.

The reason that we are issuing out vouchers to grassroot organisations rather than allowing anyone to just 'claim' the meal (which consist of food and drink) is so that we are assured that the system is not abused by people looking for a free meal.  In partnering with the organisations, we hope that the meals will be used by those most deserving.

At this time, MoM is working with Aroma Cafe & Mosque Kitchen. This café is beside the Central Mosque on Potterrow opposite Edinburgh Uni .

We are working with a few organisations to set up the voucher distribution:
1. One parent Scotland
2. Saheliya
3. Bethany Christian Trust

We issue out the vouchers every end of the month and will monitor the number of vouchers collected back.  We hope to publish the list of donors, the number of vouchers delivered to each of our partners and the number of vouchers used in the month for each month.  This is to allow everyone involved transparency of the project.  If donors do not see their names on the list, they can enquire from us at mealonme.edinburgh@gmail.com.

We also have a facebook page:
and a twitter account: @mealonme

Above all, we need your support by buying the meals for the people who really need them. Thank you for your support.

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